07/07 — Highway of Legends

i’ve been doing a lot more doing than blogging • which is great, i mean doing is awesome • but i did want to catch up on the blogging • got a lotta cool pictures to share • also cat stories • that’s the whole purpose of it all anyway • cat stories

anyway i spent a couple days out on the road back in may • (holy crap that was a while ago) • so here are some pictures & stuff

i finally got the van put back together after completely ignoring it all winter • after the brain-asplodey i had last summer i kind of couldn’t deal with the thing • but it’s set up nice & looks pretty now too • homelike

getting there

even Chocolate is pretty comfy in it these days • (after the initial opinionating that is)

2016-05-06 09.39.08

we stopped first at the Riverwalk in Pueblo • i’d been meaning to get down there since Rowan told me about it • yeah it took forever • brains, i tell ya

Chocolate got to stay in the van cos i found a nice shady spot • so Loiosh & I got to wander

he was SO HAPPY • what with one thing & another i hadn’t gotten him out much • i’ve been making up for that though


2016-05-03 15.56.14

really gorgeous flowers • course he hadda stick his face into them • & then sneeze

2016-05-03 15.04.52

succulents _ flowers

then down the 25 toward Walsenburg • some gorgeous from along the way

the road

at the Walsenburg exit was a sign for the Highway of Legends • how could i resist?

2016-05-04 11.26.54

so we spent the night parked next to an abandoned auto-parts place in Walsenburg • a nice dark spot, well-shaded from both streetlights & the morning sun • with a convenience store close by for those early-morning pee runs

i let the boy out a little bit while i did my morning stuff • & got my hair up for the day • i call this one ‘living in the cracks’

life in the cracks

the next morning we started up the Highway of Legends • (i mean seriously how could i NOT drive it • HIGHWAAAAAAAAAAAAY OF LEGEEEEEEEEEEEEEENDS)

obligatory sign selfie, also mountains

im a legend

2016-05-04 11.26.17

we had lunch in a little artsy town called La Veta • nice architecture

architectural elegance

then i found a sweet little spot to spend a couple days • the sign said ‘no camping’ but • i didn’t put up a tent so that totally doesn’t count? • anyway there was nobody up there to yell at me • a little early in the season i suppose • there was still snow on the ground after all • it was perfect

so perfect • right next to this lovely stream that i immediately stuck my feet in • of course it was very cold, that’s the excellent part

2016-05-06 09.35.58

2016-05-06 09.35.24

even Chocolate sort of liked the spot • or at least being with his Momma

2016-05-05 11.49.58

best oldmancat

we spent two nights & a beautiful quiet day • with napping & reading & a lot of just sitting • Loiosh & i did a lil wandering but not much • it was so good to just stop for a while • it was just happy

2016-05-06 09.38.18

i made a pretty to leave for whoever finds it • entirely from stuff i found there • that doesn’t happen often • i got creative with cut zipties

2016-05-06 09.28.51

lil gift

& then we drove on

2016-05-06 09.50.56

spanish peaks

North Lake was windy but a good place for a quick lunch

north lake

2016-05-06 10.26.03

2016-05-06 10.25.48

& down the hill to Trinidad, then north on the 25 to home • i’m really enjoying these little trips • some quiet time • & working my way up to being on the road longer • i tried to dive in far too fast • which works for me with water but • not so much with vandwelling apparently

little by little

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