05/14/15 — in which our hero fixes the damn van bed

(This was scheduled for, like, last year? & apparently never posted? So whatevs, posting it now.)

So it turns out that my original idea for legs for the bed was…insufficient. It never actually fell over, but it spent a lot more time thinking about doing so than I really like, & when I tried shifting the bed around into it’s new (new) spot, well, yeah. It wasn’t good.

van bed 01

Fortunately I had power tools (& a battery that’ll hold a charge!), & a buncha hunks of 2×2 left over from cutting tent poles. Yeah, I coulda used metal brackets, but I already had these, & I prefer to operate on the principle of ‘reuse and recycle’, or, at least, ‘what are you doing spending money for when you already have a thing that’ll work’.

Also, yanno, power tools.

van bed 02

This felt like it’d be a lot more sturdy once I got everything screwed back together…

van bed 03

…as, indeed, it is. I got the legs put back on this end of the bed, sat there, & did a pretty good shimmy, & nothing felt like it wanted to go much of anywhere.

van bed 05

Loiosh was, of course, a BIG help.

van bed 04

Breaktime! Least for those what don’t have thumbs. NO POWER TOOLS FOR YOU.

van bed 06

Then I started in on the back. I got both legs off & reassembled & put one of them back on, & then I had to trim the plywood to fit into its new (new) spot.

van bed 07

…& that’s when the battery ran out.

van bed 08

Fortunately there wasn’t much left to do. I did have to shim the last leg some, to fit into its new (new) spot, but that was quickly accomplished with some scrap pieces & a shim I had kicking around.

van bed 09

Poof, it’s a bed! And with the new (new) arrangement, there’s room behind my comfy chair for most of the show stuff. It’s easily accessible from the back & thus outside, which is perfect for unloading, but leaves more room up front for living stuff, which I’m more likely to want to be able to get to from inside.

van bed 10

More pics of the inside later, after I’ve rearranged it so things actually work, instead of its current ‘stuff everywhere’ aesthetic. So far, though, so good.

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