05/12 — printables, or, more of my Stuff

so many Stuff to keep track of • so many

(a followup to the other thing i did • you know, the thing)

also there is a PRESENT FOR YOU • it’s at the bottom of the post • don’t get too excited, it’s just a printable

anyway the bullet journal thing (at least the way i do it) is definitely a day-by-day thing • i don’t plan my weeks or months with it • other people do because that’s what works for them • i need my longer-term stuff to be somewhere i can look up & see it any time • i’d have to flip through the bullet journal for that • it would not work • i’d just never do it • because my brain • it does not work that way

(the key • as always • do what works FOR YOU)

anyway i wound up finding a zillion printables • you know the kind • done by mommybloggers & lifecoaches & people with entirely other businesses who want to talk about how they do things • kinda like i’m doing here

& then i futzed & poked & experimented & made my own • here’s the weekly version

2016-05-11 13.34.37

the days that have names have them right in the schedule • i figured that was convenient

there’s room for the week’s blog post & newsletter • the week’s focus • weekly specials is whatever tasks i have • plus a shopping list more or less • self-care also gets a focus

this works REALLY STONKING WELL • it’d be all sorts of colours if i had a colour printer • i don’t but at least i have purple paper • that works pretty well

there’s also the monthly version • it has two months actually • i do better when i can see that far ahead when i need to • i may have gotten a lil silly adding spirals to this one • not really, i love em

2016-05-11 13.35.12

it’s also got spaces for the month’s focus • ideas for blog posts & newsletters • & projects • that’s what works for me

& now the PRESENT • guess what it’s PRINTABLES • i sort of filed off the serial numbers • you might do errands on monday • clearday might be sunday • fighter practice might be tuesday • you know how it goes • click to download • & fill in what works for YOU

The Vagabond Tabby weekly printable thumbThe Vagabond Tabby 2 month printable thumb

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