04/25/15 — in which Loiosh is now seven

In honour of Loiosh’s seventh(!) birthday today — and holy crap, when the heck did THAT happen!? — I’m reposting my original blog post with all his baby pictures.

…he was so tiny! How was he so tiny? How has he gotten so BIG?

Anyway, have some baby pictures.

I has a kitteh.

I didn’t mean to. But he was so cute! And he wouldn’t let go of my shirt anyway, so I’m stuck with him.

He is adorable.

He likes sleeping.

Out-of-focus but adorable.




…hey, can’t a guy have a little privacy here?



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  1. Happy birthday Loiosh!

    Rhys on 25 Apr 2015, 6:26 pm (Link | Reply)

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