04/15/15 — in which our hero does a whole lot of nothin

…I got so excited about posting about Estrella that I entirely forgot to post about the ENTIRE REASON I left so early, that being to spend a week in the desert alone with the boys.

Okay, it was actually five days, since I spent time at Dharma’s and at El Morro, but it was still VERY VERY nice. I found a lovely spot:

2015-02-17 16.29.08

This is the Tonto National Forest, just outside of Superior, AZ. Go just a little south of town and that’s where I was. Close enough for a nice AT&T 4G signal, far enough I couldn’t hear a thing from town.

I wish this had come out more clearly, but it’s still pretty cool.

2015-02-21 18.41.11

Next time I’m gonna climb this.

2015-02-19 17.55.24

And so I settled in to nap, sew, wander aimlessly, and basically do whatever I felt like doing.

The first day, that was pulling almost everything out of the van and putting it all back in, in a different order. I wish I’d gotten a picture of everything piled everywhere, but I wanted it done.

2015-02-18 10.02.59

This was just not doing it for me — I liked having the bed across from the door, but with the table all the way in the back and the chair next to it, I couldn’t get to the table easily, and I couldn’t get to the space under it without opening up the back doors.

This wound up working a lot better:

2015-02-18 14.42.27

Bed to the left, chair to the right, table across from the doors. I still can’t get to the space under the chair or the back of the bed easily without opening up the back doors, but that’s now where event stuff goes so it doesn’t matter so much.

I might still switch the bed and the chair, but we’ll see.

That finished, I turned the van around so the door side would be in the shade, and learned a lesson in ‘strap everything down even if all you’re doing is turning around’:

2015-02-18 13.20.32

…as such lessons go, well, I’ve had far worse ones.

That done, I took a little time to decorate. Took me hours to untangle these strings of Moravian stars, but they’re so pretty. I used to put them on the Christmas tree when I had one, but why not keep them up all year?

2015-02-15 15.47.28

And that…was basically all I did that day.

I did a lot of sewing and a lot of crafting (about which more later) and a whole lot of just sitting, staring into space, thinking about not much. It was lovely, and I’d really needed it.

I collected some cholla bones:

2015-02-20 16.22.17

And hung out with the boys:

2015-02-19 15.22.35

2015-02-19 16.56.11


2015-02-20 11.32.36

Chocolate did SO well. He did spend a lot of his time in the van, napping, but he’s an old man, he can do that.

2015-02-19 09.36.43

He also spent a lot of time outside the van, exploring, and smelling things, and occasionally yowling at passing birds or I don’t even know what, but whatever they were, he wanted them OFF HIS LAWN.

2015-02-20 15.30.04

…or just, yanno, hanging out.

Done now!

2015-02-17 17.15.22

Loiosh took his exploring much more seriously, but then, he’s six, and he’s Loiosh.

2015-02-18 17.49.37

In fact he was serious enough about the exploring that he managed to break his effing harness in TWO PLACES, and that was exciting enough that he poofed his tail and had to run around the desert for a while, thus scaring the LIVING CRAP outa me until I caught his butt and told him he was staying in the van for the REST OF HIS LIFE.

2015-02-22 10.42.02

Fortunately that was Saturday and I was pulling out Sunday and Dharma had a spare harness that she could have on site Monday, so he was only wearing a collar and nothing else for about a day and a half, but I still hated it, because having a leashcat in just a collar and not a harness is a recipe for unfortunateness of the ‘vet if you’re lucky’ type, and just no.

…apart from that little bit of UNNECESSARY EXCITEMENT, it was a really lovely couple of days. It was quiet, and there was nothing that I had to do other than take care of the boys and myself, and I didn’t say a word to another human being unless I wanted to, and I went to bed early and got up late, and…yeah. I need to do that again, a LOT more often.

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