04/02/15 — In which Our Hero couldn’t resist going back

I wasn’t gonna go to the Grand Canyon again — I mean, I’ve been there, and it was awesome, and there are so many other awesome places I could go this time, and…yeah, I couldn’t help it, because it’s the FREAKIN GRAND CANYON.

…so we went to the Grand Canyon again. And the first thing I saw upon opening the van door was this.

2015-03-03 09.46.38


2015-03-03 09.46.40

Seriously the ravens there fear nothing. NOTHING.

2015-03-03 09.47.07

So I just stayed sort of very still except for my picture-taking finger because I was NOT MISSING this opportunity, and eventually he got bored and flapped off somewhere, and probably yelled at Loiosh because that’s what the ravens at the Grand Canyon do.

It was COLD. Even in his lovely Tigger sweater Loiosh was unpleased with the cold, and he didn’t even make it out to the rim until I’d driven further down so he didn’t have to walk as far. So have some pictures of the Canyon itself, instead:

2015-03-03 10.34.11

2015-03-03 10.34.22

2015-03-03 12.04.13

It’s just…I’ve been there twice, and I’ve taken a zillion pictures, and every one of them looks Photoshopped, it’s just. Too much to take in. It’s unreal, except for the part that it’s TOTALLY REAL and…that’s sort of hard to deal with.

2015-03-03 12.06.38

2015-03-03 12.11.58

So I took a bunch of pictures of Loiosh instead, because he’s way easier to cope with. Also, kitty pictures.

Grand Cat is Grand.

2015-03-03 12.09.29

Everyone’s taking pictures of ME! Not that big hole in the ground. It’s just a hole, really, I didn’t even poop in the thing, whatever.

2015-03-03 12.09.31

(Somewhere in here he got scooped up by some French guy who didn’t seem to speak any more English than ‘hey dude’, and his friend took a bunch of pictures of him holding Loiosh, because CAT ON A STRING, only I didn’t get any pictures of that part because I was laughing too hard..)

That really is kind of a big hole, isn’t it?

2015-03-03 12.05.34

Done now Mom! Let’s go!

2015-03-03 12.10.50

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