03/29/16 — horrible death plague

so a couple weeks ago i caught the horrible death plague

it was just a cold • i’d take a couple days kinda slow & be fine • yeah, that • that did not happen

i took a lotta time to just work on pretties & also nap • the boys were helpful with this, at least the latter part


best oldmancat


(aided the situation in the third pic with a lil nip • want some nip • course ya do)

i did start feeling better at one point • even took a pic of the rare & elusive me (with a pretty)

rare elusive me

but then two days later there i was at the doctor with a lovely secondary infection • possibly pneumonia • definitely bronchitis • i got sent home with a pharmacopoeia & strict orders to REST DAMMIT


so i’m finally on the mend but it’s gonna be a slow slog • so much coughing, ugh • it is good practice at getting very much rest? • but i am so bored • SO BORED

i have been doing little things every day, all i have the energy for

one batch of soap, only for the roommates & i since we all have it already anyway • no chance of further contagion

beltaine rising

i kinda chucked stuff in & managed to make it smell REALLY GOOD so there’ll be more of it, just, not yet

i drained the vinegar-mint-rosemary hair stuff i started a month ago & it makes my hair happy

hair stuff drained

i slipped outside (briefly!) & got lovely pictures of crocuses & snow


i did my nails


& of course i made pretties


many bones



cut stone

also napping • so much napping • so many, many naps

someday i’ll feel okay again • gonna be a bit, though • totally looking for sympathy here btw • so bored

also don’t catch this, holy crap, it SUCKS

2 Comments on “03/29/16 — horrible death plague”

  1. Sorry you are feeling lousy. I love all of the pretty things you make. You do a wonderful job with your arty hangings and jewelery. thought you might like to know that Chris is getting married in 2 weeks. HE is engaged to Rachel, a really wonderful girl he met a few years ago. I am thrilled for both of them.

    Candy Tanzos on 29 Mar 2016, 4:29 pm (Link | Reply)

    • Eeeeeee thank you!

      OMG, I knew he was dating someone, I am SO HAPPY they’re getting married! She better treat him right or I’ll bite her. Yay!

      Kate on 29 Mar 2016, 4:35 pm (Link | Reply)

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