03/17/15 — Setting off, or, In Which Our Hero Doesn’t Get So Far

So yeah, I’m still recovering from three weeks on the road, and that’s…something I’m gonna hafta work on. But the trip itself? Was a blast.

Here’s Part One, which is the first threeish days of the trip. Mostly the drive south, really.

The traditional I’m About To Pull Out shot:

2015-02-11 11.59.30

I didn’t dawdle much on the drive south, since I knew I had to get somewhere warm enough that me and the boys wouldn’t freeze in the van overnight. As it turns out that wasn’t a problem, but there was still a bunch of driving.

2015-02-11 12.44.07

2015-02-11 13.18.53

The bulk of it south on I25. Raton wasn’t an issue at all, and along the way I found a couple rest stops with lovely wifi, which I used for its intended purpose of uploading cat pictures:

2015-02-11 13.07.16

2015-02-11 16.06.19

Chocolate, as is traditional, complained VERY loudly for the first twenty minutes or so, and then settled down to sulk. Once he found the other cat bed, though, he decided it wasn’t gonna be too bad.

Along the way I had an email conversation with Dharma, who said, basically, ‘You’re driving south? Stop at my place for the night!’. That solved the freezing problem and Dharma’s awesome, so that’s exactly what I did. Somewhat to my surprise, Chocolate settled in as if he’d lived there his whole life.

2015-02-11 19.05.34

Those of you who’ve met Dharma will understand entirely when I mention that I, err, accidentally sort of didn’t leave for another three days. There was a necessary visit to Santa Fe for some obscure pepper I don’t remember! There was breakfast on the back porch, which turned into lunch and also temporarily and sequentially losing each of my cats! There was…I don’t even know, stuff, and then somehow it was Saturday and I was still at Dharma’s, and if I hadn’t left I think I might still be there.

There was, however, this awesome meal:

2015-02-13 20.34.31

About which, may I say, holy crap. Fresh homemade mozzarella? Roasted peppers and garlic, artichoke hearts, olives I’d never even heard of, rotisserie chicken and raspberry balsamic and…yeah, I sort of stuffed myself, and I coulda done that again every day for a month or so and been JUST FINE.

But anyway, well-fed and repacked, I set out with the boys (and almost her cat Jake — I had to evict him from the van THREE TIMES before we pulled out). We set off west, well supplied

2015-02-14 13.08.12

and in search of the Great Mother Road,

2015-02-14 13.01.48

and drove for a good while along old Route 66 before peeling off to find a place to spend the night.

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  1. Krimpets!!!! Once you have tasted them you will never want any other snack cake.

    Regina Krause on 18 Mar 2015, 3:13 am (Link | Reply)

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