03/15 — bullet journaling, or, how i keep track of my Stuff

cos it turns out i have sort of a lot of Stuff to keep track of

actually the bullet journal (& it’s only sort of a bullet journal tbh) is only a small part of the process but it’s the prettiest, so

anyways i’d been playing around with the idea already & then i got this lovely journal from my aunt for giftmas

journal 01

so that part was pretty easy, here i am with a perf journal to write stuff in, i just gotta figure out the stuff

i’d decided that i needed to have a handwritten, daily list of ‘what i’m doing today’ • i’d had one a while ago, but gave up on the idea in favour of a lil more desk space & keeping a list hung on the wall instead (as part of a weekly planner i wrote up) • & the weekly part worked okay but the daily part did NOT, at all

plus i wanted a daily tracker sort of thing, as i used to forget about meals entirely on a disturbingly regular basis • i’m bad at food at the best of times so any help i could find there was gonna be a good thing

so combining the two (& adding in the coloured pencils i got from my mom a while ago) • & after some fiddling • i came up with this

journal 02



each day gets a name • some are pretty set; monday is always clearday, when i clear the decks for the week • & plan what i’m doing more or less • tuesday is errandsday, shipping & shopping & such • thursday is artday • sunday is putterday

other days have begun getting named based on the most important thing on my list for the next day • of course everything is frungible • monday & tuesday often wind up getting switched • especially if i have run out of the old man cat’s gooshyfud • it is impossible to get through a day with him trying to climb up my nose • MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM

like a complete sucker i have of course spent more money on pens & tape & glittery stars • sometimes i give myself gold stars • sometimes i get PURPLE ONES

journal 03

(speaking of eating i was just reminded by looking at the image above that oh hey, lunch)

most of my pages are day pages but sometimes i gotta do a thing • havi quotes are a favourite • i gave her a BLUE STAR

journal 04

the list includes not just ‘work’ stuff but also things like cooking • taking a bath • going for a walk

these are just as important parts of life as ‘work’ • more important really

also you may note i’ve been including the date according to the jacobin calendar as well as the ‘modern’ date • mostly because i’m a big dork i’ll admit • but also valentine’s day is woad day • what’s not to love there?

journal 05

sometimes i get bored with just the tape & draw things • or glue things on • yes i got gluesticks too • this way lies papercraft • BEWARE

journal 06

one of the last things i do in the day is write up tomorrow’s page • i started out doing them in the morning • that didn’t work • having a lot of the next day’s stuff set up the night before is a big help, though

this has been really really useful in helping me keep my days on track • plus it’s a little bit of art every day

journal 07

i’ve almost run out of pages in this journal • but there’s another one lined up & waiting • finally a reason to buy cool journals, too • least til i switch over to another way to keep track of things • for now, though • this is working really nicely

2 Comments on “03/15 — bullet journaling, or, how i keep track of my Stuff”

  1. It looks like you have been having fun with the Journals. Lately I have been playing with an online tracker/game called Habitica you might have fun with that also.

    Alison on 15 Mar 2016, 9:43 pm (Link | Reply)

    • I’ve heard of it — it used to be called HabitRPG or something like, yes? — & I keep meaning to get to it, but haven’t yet.

      Kate on 15 Mar 2016, 9:44 pm (Link | Reply)

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