03/01 — harvesting yucca with the old man

i don’t bring him out with me very often unless i’m on the road • he’s, well, old & cranky & not always fond of the Out but sometimes • sometimes he finds it in himself to take a wander

sunlit selfie with my old man • (he’s wearing his red wool cloak • must keep his creaky old joints warm)

2016-02-24 15.09.58

he had a pretty good time wandering around smelling things & having Opinions

2016-02-24 15.15.54

2016-02-24 15.16.28

also sat on my lap for a while, because Momma & Warms • he’s so terribly handsome

2016-02-24 15.14.32

also, yes, Opinions


he has very many of them • he is an old man cat • he’s entitled to his Opinions

we didn’t go all the way down to the creek • (just into the woods next to it) • even so i found Treasures as i often do

blue glass is lovely & i found an entire bottle

2016-02-24 15.33.59

new sage was just beginning to peek out

2016-02-24 15.18.13

i picked a lil of last year’s • it was fuzzy in my hand

2016-02-24 15.24.13

i don’t know what this is but it looks neat • tiny flowers

2016-02-24 15.23.47

one of the mullein stalks i left behind • i brought some home last fall but left most of them • & shook most of the seeds out of the ones i did bring back • i think my roommate tossed the rest of the seeds into the back yard • i hope a few of them grow

2016-02-24 15.21.55

also a thoroughly waterlogged particleboard drawer front, from which i salvaged this awesome drawer pull • this process involved whacking it a lot with the spade i brought along • also prying with my fingernails

2016-02-24 15.34.27

but what i came out for was the yucca • i’d noticed that it and the sage were the first things greening in this very early spring • & well i’ve been reading a lot of sylvia lynsteadt‘s work over at the indigo vat • & i sort of love how she goes out pickin greens • (that’s what the poor southern people who kept the art alive call ‘wildcrafting’) • & then makes tea & salves out of, well, whatever she finds that has goodness in it

i’m not much of a tea drinker (bad herbalist, bad!) • but y’all know how i am with the salves • i got some of those • a few • thought i’d mess with another one though • not as a regular thing but just a batch • & i thought you might like to come along while i make it • well ‘come along’ in the way that means you don’t have to, you know • stand up • i did that bit already

anyway yucca

2016-02-24 15.19.15

i believe that this is narrowleaf yucca or yucca glauca • either way though it has a lot of things you can do with it • string is the one i already knew about • (i brought back some of the dried leaves from the bottom of one plant to experiment with • we shall see) • but also soap! • the leaves & roots are rich in saponin • how about that!

it was also used as medicine by a number of native american tribes • blackfoot, cheyenne, & lakota among others • it’s hard of course to find much information about what it might or might be helpful with • but that’s part of the reason i want to play with it & see • (it is said to help with arthritis • so for certain i’m gonna rub some of the salve on my hands)

i tried to dig up some of the roots of one small plant but i ought to’ve known better • desert plants grow deep roots • i did cut a bunch of the long sharp leaves to bring home • only a few from each plant of course

2016-02-24 15.27.19

they’re hanging to dry & then i’ll infuse them into some oil • i might pick up a bottle of something different from what i usually use • i have time to decide

i felt it was right to leave a gift since i was taking something with me • one of the mullein&yarrow smoke cleansing bundles i made last fall seemed appropriate • (more about those later)

2016-02-24 15.33.47

it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out • i’ll keep you all updated along the way

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