01/30 – One Great Big Tomcat

So I know I’ve mentioned Major Tom before but hey, guess what? Our not-really-feral-any-more tomcat is learning to become not only a proper housecat, but also a leashcat!

So we knew whenever we moved we’d be bringing him along. Of course! He’s our sweet tomcat & we love him.

But when we got a place in town, yeah, we were a little worried. So we thought, well, let’s bring him along, get him snipped, & see if we can talk him into living inside.

… turns out the answer to that is ‘yes’.

Dharma found him waiting at the back door on a trip up to the old place to pick up (yet more) Stuff, & he came inside quite willingly, & was easily tricked into a (hugetastic) cat carrier. He sang the Song of his People the whole way down to the new place, but he wasn’t _mad_, just sort of freaked out.

The new place has a shed out back that we call the cottage, since it comes with a sink & toilet & gas heater & is, more or less, actually a very small house. So that’s where we put him, so he’d have a space of his own & also so we could easily clean up any, err, attempts he made to claim the place. With his butt.

Which he didn’t do. What he _did_ do was purr, give us Very Enthusiastic headbonks, & knead. Also sleep a lot & eat everything in sight.

He was SO HAPPY that we had brought him along. SO HAPPY.

(here you can imagine a montage of Major Tom learning about litterboxes, eating a LOT of treats, napping VERY extensively, learning to wear a harness, & being fairly freaked out by dry leaves)

ANYWAY we slowly got him used to the idea of a harness, & then to the idea of being in the house, & then since it was getting very cold at night we brought him inside to a room we’re not using yet, & then we finally got him FIXED, & once the testosterone had washed out of his system he stopped spraying, & now he’s a house cat.

(This was all a LOT more fraught than it sounds.)

So now he’s a housecat. Which means he’s learned that laying on carpet is WAY nicer than laying on dirt.

& then that laying on a couch is WAY nicer than laying on a carpet.

He’s also learning to play, which I don’t have any pictures of cos I’m usually laughing too hard, cos he’s ADORABLE.

But he’ll still do the leash thing! & he still wants to go outside. So a week or two back I took him out to wander around while I was taking jewelry pictures.

He went back & visited his cottage again.

& then he played Mighty Jungle Hunter.

Which led pretty inevitably into rolling in dry leaves, which he LOVES doing.


& then he followed me back inside, quite happily, because as it turns out, he’s a housecat.

2 Comments on “01/30 – One Great Big Tomcat”

  1. He is handsome and I hope you love him a lot.!!

    Candy Tanzos on 31 Jan 2018, 8:59 am (Link | Reply)

    • He’s become the gentlest cat in the house & I love him SO much.

      Kate on 1 Feb 2018, 5:06 pm (Link | Reply)

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