01/22 — Estrella Neighbors

It’s probably a good thing I can’t get out of the booth more often, all things considered, because I’m hardly the only merchant at Estrella, and there are people out there with really, really tempting stuff.

And some good friends of mine as well. We spend all day, every day, in our booths…or at least near them…and of course we wind up talking to each other. And watching each others’ booths for a moment, and helping get that awning up in the morning, and recommending each others’ wares, and trading tips on how we deal with X or stories about the time that customer did Y…

It’s a real community.

A handsome orange tabby laying atop a beautiful blue handmade pottery plate.Sandra of Alta Vista makes beautiful pottery and I’ll admit her booth is one of my favourites to visit, if only because of Ginger. No, that’s not Loiosh in the picture — but wow, do they look alike, don’t they?

Sandra and I met at Baron’s War several years ago, when Loiosh was a kitten, and then didn’t see each other for a while — when I ran into her again at Battlmoor in 2010 I was awfully surprised to see who was occupying her booth.

Turns out she found herself in possession of a tiny orange kitten, and thought, well, what the heck? Let’s see how he does. And he does very well, thank you.

A white woman standing behind a display of small jars filled with AWESOME.Dharma’s just plain awesome. I’ve known her since approximately five minutes after both Loiosh and The Vagabond Tabby were born. We’ve been through some really similar crappy stuff and we’ve dealt with it in a lot of really similar ways.

It’s just I make good-smellin stuff, and she makes good-tasting stuff. Yes, the BTS in BTS Chocolate Honey stands for Better Than Sex, and she ain’t kidding.

She’s been away from Estrella for a while too, and I’m really glad she’s back.

She’ll be sharing booth space with Rachel and Aragon of Ethereal Fire. Rachel makes really amazing hair falls (I have one — traded a couple bars of soap for it) and also sells a wide and comprehensive variety of belly dance stuff (otherwise known as jinglies and sparklies — I’m hoping to trade soap again).

Beautiful hair falls in many colours.

Continuing the theme, they’ve also missed the last few Estrellas — it’ll sort of be old home week, by the looks of things.

Long strands of handwoven trim.And speaking of old home week there’s Megan and Morgyn of White Wolf and the Phoenix, the ones I’ve known longest (and the folks I bought my van from).

Megan and her husband Herveus have been making really amazing handwoven trim (and knitted shawls and sturdy wooden inkle and cardweaving looms and and and) for approximately a million years, and I learned a lot about being a merchant in the SCA from them without realizing that’s what I was doing.

Morgyn’s carrying on in the family business and when we’re set up next to each other (which is starting to be pretty often) does a pretty good job of keeping me sane(ish) and Loiosh occupied. Ask her, if you have a chance, about Loiosh and the lizard…

Whose booths will you be visiting at Estrella?

2 Comments on “01/22 — Estrella Neighbors”

  1. I miss Estrella. . . been a very long time since I was a merchant there (7, or is it 8 years?). I met some wonderful people that were my neighbors over the years. . have a good time and enjoy the camaraderie. .

    Rosamund on 26 Jan 2015, 9:45 pm (Link | Reply)

  2. You must’ve stopped just before I started, then — 2009 was my first Estrella. Been way longer than that since we’ve actually been in the same place!

    Kate on 30 Jan 2015, 10:39 pm (Link | Reply)

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