01/19 — getting the boy out of the house, rarely a bad idea, also ice

he gets so bored it’s ridiculous

2016-01-03 14.54.32

so getting him outside when it’s a nice day is nearly always a good idea

(also kind of good for me)

i talked my roommate into coming along this time too

2016-01-03 14.54.38

we both found some pretty cool stuff (i didn’t get pictures of that tho) & the boy got to run around a lot & wore himself (& me) out

2016-01-03 14.59.31

2016-01-03 15.08.10

but mostly i got pictures of fountain creek itself cos it was kind of gorgeous

2016-01-03 14.59.57

2016-01-03 14.59.35

2016-01-03 14.59.45

the ice, i mean, look at it, it’s just

2016-01-03 15.07.04

ice flowers

2016-01-03 14.55.45

2016-01-03 14.53.58

2016-01-03 14.53.51

the water flowing under the ice

2016-01-03 14.54.11

2016-01-03 14.55.36

just beautiful

(Loiosh was kinda mad i didn’t get more pictures of him tho)

(my cat)

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