01/07 — Thank you.

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2014 overview

…boy has it been a year.

I moved across the country (again). I bought a van the size of the Van the Size of France. I stopped selling a bunch of things and started selling a bunch of others. I revamped how I make my stuff, mostly so that I could make more at a time and thus keep up with what y’all are buying. I took my old man cat Chocolate to one of the great SCA wars. And I painted my toenails for the first time ever.

And I owe it all to you (yes, even the toenails). Yo, I have some of the best customers in the ever of ever, and yes I’m talking about you. You tell me my stuff is awesome when I’m worried it’s crap, you tell everyone else within range about my stuff, and yes, you buy my stuff. (Also you like my cats and rest assured that doesn’t hurt any.)

So thank you. Thank you for your unending, unwavering support, for reading what I write and writing back, for spreading the word, for loving on the boys when you’re in my booth. For soap ideas and help with putting up the tent (and taking it down real quick in Battlemoor-force winds). For being there.

Thank you.

And here’s to 2015 being even more exciting!

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