I freely admit I got the idea from a tube of toothpaste.
I go places, and then I write about it. That's it, that's the blog.
For we will be wicked and we will be fair / And they’ll call us such names, and we really won’t care
I go places, and I take pictures while I'm there.
Coming up on That Time of Year.


stuff for your skin • crap free, guaranteed

i only use ingredients i know are safe • natural, often organic or wildcrafted • the highest grade • i test anything new on me first • (if i weren’t willing to do that…) • natural is where i start • & i research each ingredient’s safety • effectiveness • & environmental impact • & then i only pick the best

i want to offer you what’s best for you • even when it’s more work & costs me more money • when taking a shortcut would be way easier • this is what I believe in, this is my passion • making sure that what I sell really is that good

why? • because soap matters • never underestimate soap • you scrub your skin (the largest organ in the body) • you rinse it off into the earth • you spray my bug spray into the air we all breathe (& on your kids) • & rub healing salve into hurty spots • & soak your hide in my bath salts

this stuff matters.

on the blog


    04/25/15 — in which Loiosh is now seven

    In honour of Loiosh’s seventh(!) birthday today — and holy crap, when the heck did THAT happen!? — I’m reposting my original blog post with all his baby pictures. …he was so tiny! How was he so tiny? How has he gotten so BIG? Anyway, have some baby pictures. I has a kitteh. I didn’t […]

in the shop

    bug set

    good smellin bug set

    seems like bug season is getting longer & longer every year • i’m unthrilled by this here’s the solution • good smellin bug soap & good smellin bug stuff • get both & you’re set I used the Good Smelling Bug Soap during a five day camping trip last year. Not only does it smell […]


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